picture of Lin Clark
Lin Clark Mozilla

Opening Keynote

picture of Alon Zakai
Alon Zakai Google

Shipping Tiny WebAssembly Builds

picture of Ashley Williams
Ashley Williams Cloudflare

Why the #wasmsummit Website isn't written in Wasm, and what that means for the future of Wasm

picture of Tadeu Zagallo
Tadeu Zagallo Apple

JavaScriptCore's new WebAssembly interpreter

picture of Peter Salomonsen
Peter Salomonsen

WebAssembly Music

picture of Johnathan Beri
Johnathan Beri Wasm SF

Making it easier to make Things: WebAssembly and the Internet of Things

picture of Kevin Hoffman
Kevin Hoffman

Building a Containerless Future with WebAssembly

picture of Brion Vibber
Brion Vibber

WebAssembly as a <video> polyfill

picture of Ben Smith
Ben Smith Google

Closing Keynote